Grappa del Chianti


Deriving from the term “graspo” which means “shoot of grapes”, for centuries it has been considered the only spirit that comes closest to the extraction of the “core”, that is the “quintessence” of a solid raw material: the marcs, obtained by racking off of red wines. Grappa del Chianti is made from the distillation of the marcs of Chianti D.O.C.G., therefore mainly of Sangiovese grapes. Marcs, as is known, are already fermented and they are ready to be distilled by the Master Distiller. Excellent after a meal, its taste is soft and dry.



Blend of grapes: mainly Sangiovese

Wine alcohol content: 43% by vol.

Organoleptic notes: of clear white colour, it mantains all the olfactory aromas of red berry grapes to which elegant floral and slightly fruity notes are added. Sincere and harmonious at the sense of smell, it shows all its 43 alcohol degrees with a soft and warm taste.

Pairing: excellent after a meal, it elegantly accompanies the closing of the lunch or of the dinner, it enhance itself especially after having sipped a good coffee, giving greater tastiness and softness to the aroma of the coffee bean.

Annual Production: 500 bottles

Refining: in bottle

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Bottle of 500 ml


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