Chianti Montalbano D.O.C.G.


1398 A.D. was the year when for the first time the word Chianti appears in a document. With this word it is indicated a geographical area which has always been ideal for viticulture. And it is here that this wine finds its births in one of his most characteristic subzones: the Montalbano’s area. Wine with intense color and broad-shouldered it has always been the husband of Tuscan meat, primarily of Fiorentine steak. Honest to drink at a dinner among friends it makes a beautiful impression of itself on less social occasions.

3rd Place at the Wine Competition “Messer Chianti” 2016 of Vinci



Blend of grapes: Sangiovese in purity

Denomination: D.O.C.G.

Year: 2013

Wine alcohol content: 13 % by vol.

Organoleptic notes: with a ruby red color it gives to the nose notes of red berry fruit, especially of cherry with feeble scents of sweet violet and jasmine. On the taste palate it is soft, round and well-balanced; medium-bodied with a good acidity.

Pairing: excellent partner of traditional Florentine steak and of all the grilled preparations, it even vigorously accompanies fish dishes like spiced fish soup and stockfish with sauce.


Grape harvest: manually, between late September and early October

Yield/ha: 70 q/grapes

Annual Production: 12.000 bottles

Fermentation: 15 days in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 25°

Malolactic fermentation: natural in the period from November to December

Ageing: 12 months in stainless steel tanks

Refining: in bottle


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Bottle of 750 ml


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